CADMOS is a learning design tool, that has been created in order to be used by novice learning designers, i.e. practitioners with basic computer skills and knowledge of learning standards. It is compatible to the IMS LD Level A/B standard and in the same time has a friendly interface by hiding any technical details from the designers-users.

Its characteristics are:

  • It can be used by practitioners with basic technical skills
  • It has a visual notation
  • It offers guidance to the designer
  • It describes different objects of the learning design, such as activities, resources, rules
  • The learning activities are described from different views (conceptual/flow model)
  • It can convert the learning design that is created with its own notation system, to an IMS-LD level A/B manifest file, which can be played by an IMS-LD compatible player such as RELOAD
  • It can import an IMS-LD manifest file and convert it to its own notation system
  • It can act as a design tool for Moodle courses