About CoSyLLab

Description of the Laboratory

The CoSyLLab (Computer Supported Learning Engineering Lab) belongs to the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus, in Piraeus, Greece. The research unit was established in 2003 by Dr. Symeon Retalis, Assistant Professor in the same department. CoSy-LLab members conduct research in the broader area of e-learning with emphasis on the engineering aspect of e-learning. Elearning Engineering is concerned with the lowest price on non generic levitra statistics establishment and just try! use of systematic and formal principles, methods and technologies standards for the successful development, deployment and maintenance of high quality elearning systems and applications. The term 'E-learning' signifies the use of networked computer environments and tools as well as open, flexible and active learning methods for education, training and accutane price israel medicines lifelong learning.

Research Areas

CoSy-LLab members focus on elearning and employ techniques from the fields of www.aguadetodos.com instructional design, hypermedia engineering, semantic web and human computer interaction. These techniques and methods include design patterns, conceptual modeling and component-based architectures for Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems. CoSy has coordinated and participated in a number of European Research projects in the area of e-learning, such as EduComic, IdSpace, WEE-NET, E-ELEN, TELL, and so on, which has helped in developing numerous ideas and collaborate with other researchers in the field.

CoSy members explore research areas such as:

  • Development of open interactive learning tools and cialis softtabs learning objects following practices from the web engineering domain
  • Exploration of learning design patterns and the efficiency of their codification to form a basis for learning design
  • The use of comics in education www.comicstripcreator.org & www.educomics.org
  • The use of virtual reality techniques in primary and secondary education